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    Triple wall Corrugated

    Triple wall boxes, bins and sheets for agricultural and industrial applications

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    Best lead times in the Industry

    Multicorr averages 5-10 day lead times year round.

    Central location

    Our Louisville, KY plant provides packaging to all states east of the Rockies.

    Strength, durability and performance

    The widest range of specifications

    Widest Range of Flute Profiles: Super A, A, C, B; Super AA, Super AC, BC; Super AAC, Super AAA, Super ABC | Board Grade Combinations: Singlewall , Doublewall and Triplewall | Paper Options: Kraft, Mottle White and Preprint |State of the art converting equipment allows production of 20 truckloads of bins per day



    Multicorr offers custom printing, preprinted liners, glued and stitiched "glitched" closurers



    FSC & SFI Certified Primus Audit Cerfified

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