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    Markets Served

    Markets Served

    Getting Carried Away

    Getting Carried Away


    Los Angeles Paper Box

    Food boxes and to-go containers that meet your customer expectations.

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    We work to exceed the needs of clients, beat deadlines and deliver superior solutions for each new project every time. We guarantee flexibility and speed in even the most challenging market environments.

    Broad Capabilities

    In-house manufacturing, 8-station printing, 2-sided printing, integrated on-site board mill, in-line die-cutter, folding carton gluers, clamshell/food boat gluers, warehousing, and local/regional delivery.


    We offer a wide variety of custom and stock packaging containers that are FDA compliant, safe for direct food contact, and safe for our environment, as well.


    Committed to the Environment. Period.

    We have an ongoing commitment to protecting our natural resources, and have since 1938 – well before it was fashionable to recycle. We turn refuse into renewable resources by using renewable practices. By recycling 4 million tons of fiber annually, we impact the environment by saving 60 million trees.

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    Markets Served

    Markets Served

    Quick-serve solutions

    Take-home cartons, handled drink carriers, utility trays for drive-thru, vintage tuck top and snap lock nosh packs, fast-food clamshells pizza boxes, and more.

    Getting Carried Away

    Getting Carried Away

    L.A. is passionate about pink

    Did you know in L.A. there is one doughnut shop for every 14,842 people? That means boxes - bright pink doughnut boxes - are in high demand. Your busy bakery can save valuable storage space with our one-piece confectionery containers.

    Global Network

    290 facilities all around the world