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    Comprehensive service for the re-use of your FIBCs is focused on safety and sustainability

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    The leader in the field of FIBC reconditioning.

    We offer a comprehensive service for the re-use of your FIBCs that is focused on safety and sustainability.
    This total service concept consists of collecting your emptied FIBCs from the end user, the FIBCs are inspected, cleaned and prepared for re-use.



    To minimize the costs of transport we offer your end user advice, such as training of personnel and correct usage of our palletizing system used to collect your empty FIBCs. Refurbishing, inspection and, if necessary, replacement of document pockets and/or closures takes place in our production facility in Moerdijk, The Netherlands.
    Benefits for customer:
    Benefits for end user of filled FIBCs:
    • Sustainable
    • Reduced costs for waste removal
    • Re-use of packaging material
    • Reduced collection costs
    • Minimize your packaging costs
    • Optimized storage capacity
    • Minimize your packaging waste
    • Loan of palletizing system
    • Additional service offering 
    • Effective training of personnel
    • High quality reconditioning
    • Promotes safe re-use
    • Quick delivery times